Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How many Cleat or ITS Wedges do I need?

A: The most accurate way to find out is seek the advice of a BikeFit Pro fitter (find one here).  You can also use a Forefoot Measuring Device to determine the number of Wedges and a Laser to see knee alignment.  Lastly, you can download the following QuickTip.

Q: How do I use the ForeFoot Measuring Device?

A:Download the following QuickTip and watch the video:

Q: What are the differences between Cleat Wedges and ITS Wedges?

A: Cleat Wedges® enables the cyclist's foot/cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally by acknowledging the foot's inherit angle. This results in a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle meaning more comfort and power. An illustration depicting before and after foot and knee alignment can be seen here.

ITS (in-the-shoe) Wedges® provide 1.5 degree of inward angulation (aka "varus") in cycling shoes that have ample room in the forefoot area. They are often used in conjunction with Cleat Wedges or as a quick way of determining if inward or outward forefoot angulation exists.

Q: Can I use Cleat Wedges with my Speedplay Frogs?

A: Yes! Download the following instructions for installing Cleat Wedges on Speedplay Frogs.

Q: I am a BikeFit Pro and/or a BikeFit Dealer. How do I register to get the appropriate pricing level and purchase bulk products?

A: You just have to complete a few steps listed here

After that, you'll need to send e-mail to [email protected] letting us know you've registered on the web site.  

During business hours (M-F 8:30 AM-6 PM Pacific) we will change your account as quickly as we can.  If you make the request during non-business hours (e.g. the weekend) we may not make the switch for a few hours or at minimum the start of the next business day.  We will send you email as soon as we make the change.

Q: How can my bike shop become a BikeFit Dealer?

A: Follow these steps:
  1. Create an account on this website.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] letting us know about your interest.  
We will contact you within 2 business days to give you an overview, an outline of the annual purchase requirements, etc.

Q: What do "varus" and "valgus" mean?

A: Varus means that the ball of the foot (where you connect to the pedal) is canted or tilted up to the inside. To accommodate that anatomy, Wedges should be positioned with the thick portion towards the inside of the shoe.

Valgus means that the ball of the foot is canted up to the outside.  In this case, Wedges should be positioned with the thick portion towards the outside of the shoe. We recommend that a maximum of two (2) wedges be used in an initial fit for a Valgus foot.


Q: What do the different colored logos used on the site represent?

A: We use the various colored logos to differentiate the levels of BikeFit Pros and BikeFit Instructors. BikeFit Pros are professional fitters who have completing Level One (Green) BikeFit Education, purchased the BikeFit Bicycle Fitting System, and continue to purchase BikeFit products, such as Cleat Wedges, for use in bike fits. 

BikeFit Pros are divided into two levels; the fitters technical expertise and depth of knowledge increases with each level.

Class Topics Color
Introductory bike fitting (foot/pedal, bottom/saddle, hands/handlebars, etc.)
Viewing the foot and hips/spine from the rear, in-depth pedal/foot, understanding leg length differences/discrepancies, bike-specific (e.g. tri-bike )

BikeFit Instructors are categorized in two additional more advanced levels that are really a continuation of BikeFit Pros.  BikeFit Instructors teach people how to become BikeFit Pros.  If you look at the Information menu in the left-hand pane and hover your mouse over About BikeFit you can see some of our Instructors at the bottom of the menu.

Skills and Achievements
 3 Mentoring by other BikeFit Instructors such as Paul Swift. The education continues with advanced problem solving, bike fitting exceptions, modification to equipment (e.g. saddle), etc.  Yellow
International Instructor

BikeFit also has Education classes for Clinical BikeFit Pros.  These professionals are typically people in healthcare such as Physical Therapists, Doctors, etc.  Clinical BikeFit Pros also have two levels.

Class Overview
Level One is dedicated to the hands-on skills necessary for road bike fitting in the clinical setting. Expect to get greasy. This class includes functional diagnosis of cycling pathologies and overuse syndromes associated with cycling. You will develop the hands-on skills necessary to fix the mechanism of injury occurring on the bike. The foot-pedal interface is a key component to this class and focuses on adjusting the cleat in fore-aft, medial-lateral, rotation, canting and elevation as appropriate for the specific cyclist. This class focuses on road fit but includes aspects of mountain and tri as appropriate.  Green 
Level Two is dedicated to triathlon fit and builds on the foundation of road fit.  This level requires the clinician to have taken Level One and completed AT LEAST 20 bike fits since completion of Level One.  Expect to be challenged.  This includes a section of Grand Rounds and a Practical Examination affectionately known as, “Hell on Wheels.”  Completion of this class will test all of your skills as a clinical bike fitter.  Upon completion, you will have the skills to successfully fit any cyclist that walks in your clinic door.