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BikeFit Pro Testimonials

Comments from BikeFit Pros and Coaches

"Having worked in the medical field for twenty years specializing in pathological gait, normal human locomotion, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, I was very impressed with Paul Swift's program at BikeFit. Their approach is not only logical but critical to a successful fitting. Since attending his program, I've had fantastic outcomes with every fitting. And the referrals just keep coming in."

 Vincent Gest  BikeFit Pro
JRA Bikes & Brew


You guys are great. This [BikeFit Pro Level 1 Education] has been an amazing learning experience. I've already done 2 fits and my clients both came away satisfied with their initial "feels". I'll follow up [with them] in a few weeks.

I'm very glad I learned this [BikeFit Education] system. I'm realizing there are a lot of "silent sufferers" out there who think it's just them or their bodies. I find this to be an extension to what I do as a PT. It is immensely satisfying! Thanks again!

Brian Williamson
 BikeFit Pro
Meridian PT

We have been doing fantastic with the fits. Lyle and I have been doing them together and it has been great. We have had unbelievable results and have helped a lot people with their riding positions. We both have learned from each other on different techniques. We have been averaging 5-8 [fits] a week since I got back from school [BikeFit Pro Level 1 Education]. No other shop around us is taking the time to fit a person and word has gotten out. So all in all we have kicking some butt over here.

Thanks again for the awesome training and the fitting system. Lyle and I have been having an absolute blast working and fitting people the past month! I hope all is well and talk to you soon.

Steven Scherck
 BikeFit Pro
Cranked Bike Studio
Neenah, WI

The Bike Fit Manual

Also, just wanted to reiterate that your BikeFit training manual is, without a doubt, the best manual I've ever gotten at a Physical Therapy continuing education seminar, regardless of the topic. Most seminars give out manuals that honestly seem like they were an afterthought, with terrible copy quality and poor formatting. I love the illustrations, color, detail, and style of the BikeFit manual and you guys very obviously worked really hard to produce a top-quality product. The manual is so good that I take a minute in all of my fits to use the manual to show my patients how detailed the fit process is and what a complete service they are getting. Without exception, I can see that each client is grateful someone is looking into their fit so comprehensively.


From a fitter's perspective, and from someone who is using your manual consistently. For sure, the pedal-cleat interface that your book details awesomely is the KEY to a good fit.  


Aug 2 – Dennis Howe, PT, MPT, OCS

Board-Certified Orthopedic PT Specialist Legacy Emanuel Outpatient Physical Therapy


SwitchIt is awesome.  Every shop in USA should have one and they would double or triple saddle sales.

Great, great innovation. Congrats, it is a winner.

Scott Montgomery

I use [BikeFit] products with every fit I do. Paul [Swift, founder and President] has helped me so much over the years, with advice and products.  I thought you guys might enjoy this story about how a laser can be used in a fit. [Editor's note: The laser is an important BikeFit product]

Mike Kohm PT, BS
Alta Physical Therapy & Pilates
Boulder, CO

I just wanted to tell you how rewarding I feel taking [your] bike fit class.  I'm really looking forward to performing some bike fitting independently.  Both [Paul] and Kit [Vogel, Director of Clinical Eduction] provided some extremely useful information that I look forward to procuring in the near future.


BikeFit has been a tremendous addition to our services menu. As a fitness centre and not a bike retailer, we recognize the uniqueness in offering this type of service. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our program participants, and as such feel a responsibility to diversify our offerings, so we felt that BikeFit would be the perfect complement to our indoor cycling programs and endurance training packages. That was a great decision. With very little effort we make dramatic differences to peoples’ riding comfort and efficiency, which translates into better performance, fewer injuries, and much more enjoyment on the bike. And the word is spreading. We’ve had several people come from far away distances to take advantage of these services, and to date no one has left without praising the value of the short time they’ve spent with us. Thank you to Paul and his team for the great education.

Andrew Gustafson
 BikeFit Pro
Natural High Fitness & Athletics
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Things are going well with the fits. We have had excellent response from customers who have had the service. 

Dave Reinarz
 BikeFit Pro
Omaha, NE

Well I finally did put wedges on myself yesterday after 15 years of feeling that there was a gap under the medial side of my foot during pedaling. The sense of a firm, solid platform for pressing on when pedaling was immediate and quite satisfying. Since I had child-care lined up, I then went for a longer ride than I am accustomed to (I no longer "train", but just ride when I can). I felt strong and rode harder than I probably should have.

Scott Saifer, M.S.
Wenzel Coaching
Portland, OR

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that I got the Bicycle Fitting System last week. Last night I did my first bike fit using the wedges, the forefoot measuring device and the goniometer at Lewis & Clark Outfitters in Fayetteville. It worked very well and it had just that bit more of a professional appearance than if it was done in my garage at home. The person I fitted ended up ordering a new set of bars and stem from the shop, so it worked out well for both myself and the shop.
One other person saw me doing the fitting and said "I want that done to me, too". Also, a friend of the guy that I fitted yesterday wants to schedule an appointment. Because of the demand, I am now working with the shop to set up some more designated space, to handle doing more bike fits.

Thanks again for helping me see the potential to have Bike Fitting impact how I can build more relationships for my Coaching Services and I look forward to talking to you about future opportunities.

Coach & Owner
Advanced Cycling
Fayetteville, AR

Both Eric and I use Cleat Wedges. We are very happy with the results we have been seeing. We will be happy to be listed on your locator page. Here I am attaching our contact info and the Hospital web page.

Thank you again,

Max Testa, MD
Eric Heiden, MD

TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital)
Murray, UT 84107