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Why BikeFit?

Why Become a BikeFit Pro?

First, the BikeFit fitting system is the second oldest in the world.

Next, we are the first to incorporate the front view, and the first system based on angles and alignment rather than just using a formula, the basis for all software/vision bike fitting systems. 

Additionally, our products are used by Olympic Champions, World Champions, and Grand Tour winners, as well as average athletes. 

Finally, it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To that end, many of our products are used by our competition.
Feet Seat and Hand bike contact points
A BikeFit bike fitting uses a multidimensional approach that looks at every aspect of the cyclist and their connection to their bike.

During a BikeFit fit the athlete is asked a series of questions to determine their cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent questions. We then watch the athlete pedal, measure the athlete both off the bike and on the bike, and continue asking questions about how they feel while he or she is riding.

One area where BikeFit differentiates itself from other fit systems is our focus on the foot-pedal interface.  For example, an average cyclist completing a 100 mile ride ("a century") will have rotated the pedals 54,000 times* their legs/feet are clearly doing a lot of work. In our emphasis on the foot/pedal connection, we cover fore/aft, side-to-side, tilt/angle, and rotation of the cleats. 

A BikeFit Pro fitter must complete BikeFit's Education course(s).  BikeFit Pros are divided into two levels; the fitters technical expertise and depth of knowledge increases with each level.

Class Topics Color
Introductory bike fitting (foot/pedal, bottom/saddle, hands/handlebars, etc.)
Viewing the foot and hips/spine from the rear, in-depth pedal/foot, understanding leg length differences/discrepancies, bike-specific (e.g. tri-bike )

BikeFit Instructors are categorized in two additional more advanced levels that are really a continuation of BikeFit Pros.  BikeFit Instructors teach people how to become BikeFit Pros.  If you look at the Information menu in the left-hand pane and hover your mouse over About BikeFit you can see some of our Instructors at the bottom of the menu.

Skills and Achievements
 3 Mentoring by other BikeFit Instructors such as Paul Swift. The education continues with advanced problem solving, bike fitting exceptions, modification to equipment (e.g. saddle), etc.  Yellow
International Instructor

The colored logos next to the names of BikeFit Pros throughout to let you see the BikeFit Education level achieved by that fitter.

Want to become a BikeFit Pro fitter? 

*54,000 = 5 hours @ 20 MPH * 90 pedal RPMs * 2 (for both feet/legs)