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Satisfied Customers' Comments

The team at BikeFit actually do a relatively small portion of the bike fits using BikeFit's Products and Education methodology. The vast majority of fits are done by BikeFit Pro fitters. Below are some letters and emails we're super proud of because they sing the praises of our BikeFit Pro fitters and prove our products and education continue to help cyclists.

Since I was having so many problems with my knees, I wasn't hopeful the [ITS Wedges] would actually change something, but so far with two short rides I am not having pain and swelling in my right knee when I am done riding!

Tammy Sully

"Yesterday I shopped at Bikesport for a new bike seat. The salesperson, Cameron, did an excellent job. She took the time to show me several seats and placed them on a bike for me to sit on. When I was close to a decision I asked to go back and forth between a couple of seats several times. What made this so easy was that Bikesport had SwitchIt. What we did in a few minutes would have taken much longer, been a pain for Cameron and would likely have resulted in me making a decision that I would not have been comfortable with."

-Ron Van Pool

Dear Pratter, Lyle and Shrek,

After years of saving and researching several bike shops, online included, the decision to purchase my dream time trial bike and Zipp wheels, from Cranked [Bike Studio], was easy. You gave me the best combination of price and service by far. After meticulously assembling my new bike, including the daunting task of taking ...a hacksaw to my seat mast, the bike was custom fitted to me until it was perfect. I only road the bike twice and entered the Paper Discovery Duathlon (run, ride, run). Keep in my mind I have ZERO experience on bikes like this. Holy crap that thing fit and rode perfect! I noticed my knees didn’t wander around and tracked smooth and straight thanks to the wedges placed in my shoes.  I wasn’t very optimistic about my riding strengths leading up to the race so I was shocked to find out that I got 23rd overall out of 554 in the bike leg. I have to attribute much of this to efforts [BikeFit Pro] Lyle put into fitting me to the bike. I HAVE to! I am not a strong rider! Love the bike! Love the fit! Love the shop!


I’m healed!! I used the [BikeFit] system to get a better and more efficient position on the bike.  I felt better on the next few rides but still had the nagging knee pain I’ve been dealing with for about 2 years now.  I’ve been to 2 doctors, and about 3 weeks of physical therapy and I’ve had no results.  A few months ago, the 3rd doctor recommended going downtown to get an MRI. Basically [the doctors] told me nothing was really wrong, but I felt like it was getting worse and I was cutting back on riding. 

Last week I measured using the FFMD [Forefoot Measuring Device] to determine how many wedges I might need.  The first ride was about 1.5 hours on a trainer which is where I usually have the most pain.  No pain.  Next ride was intervals on hills.  No pain.  It’s been about 2 weeks and several more rides and I’m happy to say that I’ve had zero knee problems. Obviously the problem is not completely gone because I’ve spent 2 years screwing it up. The biggest difference is that I feel like I’ve stopped making it worse and I’m not limping around after rides wondering if I should take up chess instead.

I talked to one of our faster riders who’s been riding for about 10 years now and told him about the wedges.  Evidently he has been using them the whole time and never mentioned anything to me about it!

Again, this probably sounds like some sort of info-mercial typical “I’ve been healed” story so for the skeptics I'm happy to share my MRI results.

Hector Rodriguez
Spangdahlem Saber Cycling Club

I have to admit I was skeptical about changing anything about my shoes.  After analysis, it was determined that I ride with my knees in towards the bike which may cause a loss of power on the bike.  You wedged my shoes, added some Superfeet and sent me on the road with some pretty fast guys.  One word: unbelievable.  My pedal stroke changed completely!  I felt like I was utilizing muscles in my legs that were untapped before.  I did not experience any pain or discomfort from the change and only felt a shift in performance in a positive way.  Well done!  I am convinced.  I am excited to start using this in my store.  What a great resource for my clients.  [The Cleat Wedge] is a awesome product and highly recommended to other stores that want to take their fitting to the next level. 


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