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ITS Heel Wedges® - 10 Pack
Price: $45.00

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Increase comfort, reduce pain, and optimize the ride of your clients with 2, 3 and 4 degree heel wedges in bulk.
10 Pack ITS Heel Wedges®


  • All new, grippier material!

  • Can be used in either the right or left shoe under the insole at the heel of the shoe. 

  • Creates 2, 3 and 4 degrees of rear foot tilt. ITS-H Wedges include 1 pair = 2 sets of A, AB & ABC plastic Heel Wedges.

  • They do not raise the heel out of the shoe.

  • Great for the "in-between" foot tilt solution.

  • Work perfectly in conjunction with ITS-F wedges and Cleat Wedges.

  • Allows foot to remain in its natural position in the shoe.

What's in the Box?!?!
  • ITS-H Wedges include 10 sets of A (2 degrees), AB (3 degrees) & ABC (4 degrees) plastic Heel Wedges.
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