8-Pack Speedplay Cleat Wedges®
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Speedplay Cleat Wedges® improve alignment, reduce.  SCREWS in this kit are not compatible with the new "walkable" cleat. 
8-Pack Speedplay Cleat Wedges®

Speedplay Cleat Wedges® work with Speedplay X-Series, Zero and Light Action cleat systems.  

The box includes eight (8) 4-hole Speedplay Cleat Wedges, four (4) 13 mm & four (4) 15 mm screws, & installation instructions (also downloadable below). 
Please note:  Screws in this kit are NOT compatible with new Speedplay Walkable Cleats.

The 4-hole system is associated with the Speedplay® pedal/brand.  Speedplay design has the clasping mechanism on the cleat, rather than on the pedal, like with SPD and Look systems.  In this system, the shoes are made more for riding than walking.  The system with a four-fastener connection, generally offers more adjustability options in the foot/pedal connection, often making it a favorite of bike fitters.  We also offer these in the Speedplay® Walkable™ style.


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