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8-Pack Look / Shimano Compatible 3-Hole Cleat Wedges®
Price: $24.95

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Look / Shimano Compatible 3-Hole Cleat Wedges® improve alignment, stability, power transfer, and solve common pain issues for most cyclists.  

8-Pack Look / Shimano Cleat Wedges®


  • Solves problems with alignment and common cycling pain (foot, knee, and back).
  • Relieves pressure or hot foot on the outside of feet.
  • Allows foot to function naturally without being forced flat by the pedal.
  • Durable plastic to withstand harsh road conditions, debris, and dirt.
  • Increases foot stability leading to improved power transfer.
  • Flexible enough to conform to the stiff sole of a rounded cycling shoe.
  • Specially designed formula increases the strength of the plastic.
Tech Specs:
  • Weight: .75g (per wedge)
  • 61mm x 63mm
  • Look/Shimano Compatible 1° Cleat Wedges® work with Look Keo, Look Delta, Shimano SL road, Campagnolo, Time road and similar 3-hole cleat systems.  
What's in the Box?!?!
  • Eight (8) 3-hole Look Cleat Wedges, 
  • Two (2) 12 mm and four (4) 14 mm hex screws. 
  • Installation instructions can be downloaded below.
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"Shimano" is a registered trademark of Shimano Inc.

If you measured your foot via the Foot Fit Calculator or a Forefoot Measuring Device from a BikeFit Pro, use the chart below for the starting point of wedges:

Always let comfort be your guide!

Why Wedge?

The 3-hole system is also known as the Look-style system (for the pioneering manufacturer/brand, Look Cycles). The 3-hole system is most often used for road cycling because it offers a stable platform for energy transfer while riding. The soles of many performance oriented shoes are often made more for riding than walking with stiff soles and little tread.  The larger cleat design incorporates a three-fastener connection, which is much more secure connection than the 2-hole type. Popular brand names of 3-hole cleats are; Look ®, Shimano SL, Time ® Road and others. 


Cleat Wedges

What Our Customers Say

I am an avid cyclist. I have averaged 2k to 3k miles per year for the last 15 years. For some reason, last year my feet started aching. I was getting pain on the outside of both of my feet. I had bought a new bike and I attributed the problem to that. I was doing some research and stumbled across these wedges. You download an app, and with another person's help, to measure your feet, it tells you what degree of correction your foot anatomy requires. I followed the directions, put on the specified amount of wedges, and viola! Almost, instant relief on my very next ride.
-Max M.

My genetic roll of the dice gave me a lower anatomy that puts me on my feet's little toe edges naturally. My snow skiing equipment has been canted to flatten my skis for many years and despite that, I've only recently tried cleat wedges in my cycling shoes. What a great difference it makes, knees hips and lower back all are much happier, especially on longer rides. Stand-up efforts now feel more powerful with my foot delivery square power, rather than angled/oblique through the outside of my feet. I would suggest starting small, one shim at a time. You may not need more than one of them to feel a significant difference. I have 2 on one foot, and 1 on the other. 1 and 1 fixed only one of the 2 feet, 2 and 1 did the trick. Great little fix.
-Sean O.

Perfect. Used to get pain at the top of the fibula after cycling long distances. The fibula is the outer shin bone. The pain was at the top, so I was not sure if this was considered a knee problem and I was starting to worry that I might have to give up cycling. A friend put me on to these and they work perfectly. I downloaded the app from bikefit and used it to determine how many I needed. I ended up putting 2 on my left foot and 1 on my right. I have ridden several 60 plus mile rides since then with no pain at all. Awesome!
-Marguerite F.

Been using these for many years, Saved my knees. cuz I walk like a duck. No more pain. Easy to set up. Now lets go ride......
-Joey C.

It is amazing how much inserting one of these wedges makes a difference in the feel of pedaling. Very good product.

-Melanie F.

The outside of my left foot burned and ached after 2hrs + cycling. I had a bike fit etc and still not helping. I u
sed the cleat wedges for the first time yesterday during a five hour ride, followed by 30min run. After using the app to measure, I was hoping they would help.  Pain free. Revolution. Thank you for all your assistance. Will spread the word over Northern Ireland!
-David Jones

Customer Reviews
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1. on 10/23/2017, said:
I have been suffering from "hot foot" for the past many years which was irritating, if not delibtating at times. After "fine tunning" the numbering of wedges I needed, it finally put an end to that unpleasant episode. I can actually feel that the force on the contact patches of my feet with the pedals are now evenly applied and much more comfortable. The downside is the package comes only with the Look screws, not the SPD-SL flat top hex screws which I prefer.
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