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Cleat Screw Kit
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The Cleat Screw Kit is a BikeFit Pro's best friend. In addition to a Screw Pick, 5 - 1.5mm pedal spacer washers, a pair of 20mm Pedal Spacers and a 4mm Allen key, the kit contains 10 of each of our best selling screws.  

Cleat Screw Kit

The Cleat Screw Kit is a Bike Fit Pro's best friend because it eliminates the difficulty (and in some cases impossibility) of finding the perfect type and length of cleat screw.  For example, our Speedplay® screws have Loctite® to help prevent them from coming loose.  For  the full suite of Walkable™ Speedplay® screws - please see our stand-alone Walkable Screw Kit (part# 9092008).

The Cleat Screw Kit comes in a sectioned plastic container holding:

  • Cleat Screw Pick
  • Five (5) 1.5 mm Pedal Spacer washers
  • One (1) pair of 20 mm Pedal Spacers
  • One 4 mm Allen key
  • Ten (10) of each of the following screws:
    • SPD 12 mm
    • SPD 14 mm
    • SPD 16 mm
    • Look 8 mm
    • Look 10 mm
    • Look 12 mm
    • Look 14 mm
    • Look 16 mm
    • Look 18 mm
    • Look 20 mm
    • Speedplay 13 mm
    • Speedplay 15 mm
    • Speedplay 17 mm
    • Speedplay Walkable™ 11mm
    • Speedplay Walkable™ 13mm
    • Speedplay Walkable™ 15mm

The Cleat Screw Kit is a standard component of any of the BikeFit Bicycle Fitting System™

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