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STANDARD Starter BikeFit System
Regular Price: $525.00
Retail Regular Price: $525.00
The STARTER BikeFit System™ is the BikeFit Pro's briefcase.  

The STARTER BikeFit System includes: The Forefoot Measuring Device, Goniometer, two of the Self-leveling Laser/Straps/Dots kits, Screw Kit (for SPD, Look, Speedplay and Speedplay Walkable), 1 of each type of Leg Length shim, 1 of each ITS Wedge®,1 set of ITS-H (Heel Wedges, 2 of each Cleat Wedge® Kits, 1 VV-1 Cleat, and a Marking Pen Set. 

This bundle SAVES you $$$ off of retail pricing/buying items separately!

BikeFit Ergo Fit System

*Due to global conditions, VV-1 Cleats are not shipping in the kit.  

The STARTER BikeFit System™ is the BikeFit Pro's briefcase.  We have combined and deeply discounted most of our bike fitting tools and products into a handled 20 x 12 x 5" carrying case containing:

  • BikeFit Forefoot Measuring Device
  • BikeFit Goniometer
  • Two (2) Knee Straps & Dots/Self-leveling Laser kits
  • Cleat Screw Kit
  • One (1) Black, Silver and Gold marking pens
  • One (1) of each type of Leg Length Shim
    • SPD/MTB
    • Look Keo
    • Universal
    • Speedplay
  • One (1) of each ITS Wedge®
    • Size 6-7
    • Size 8-9
    • Size 10-11
    • Size 12-13
  • 1 set of ITS-H (Heel Wedges)
  • Two (2) of each Cleat Wedge® 8-Packs
    • 2 x SPD
    • 2 x Look
    • 1 x Speedplay & 1 x Speedplay Walkable
  • One (1) VV-1 MTB SPD-Compatible Cleat Kit
* Does NOT include the Edu Combo (When the Foot Meets the Pedal and online educational class)

This bundle SAVES you nearly $170 off of retail pricing

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