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1-Pack 3mm Universal Leg Length Shim
Price: $18.95

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Universal 3-Hole Bike Leg Length Shims (LL Shims) help cyclists compensate for leg length discrepancies.
1-Pack 3mm Universal Leg Length Shim


  • High density plastic conforms to curvature of most cycling shoes
  • 3mm height
  • Compensates for leg length discrepancies
  • "ramped" front end to help with proper cleat engagement
  • Included cleat wedges for improving fit or to increase lift/stack by approximately 1.5mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 70mm (width taken at widest point--bottom)
  • Shimano Road (3-hole)
  • Look Delta
  • Time
  • Most popular 3-hole cleats 
What's in the Box?!?!
  • 1, 3mm Universal Leg Length Shim
  • 3, 14mm, 3, 16mm, and 3, 18mm screws (9 total)
  • 2 Look / Shimano Cleat Wedges (can be "stacked" to create 1.5mm of additional lift)
  • Installation instructions are downloadable below.  

Multiple Universal Leg Length Shims (sold separately) may be used together.  If you plan on stacking 2 or more Leg Length Shims (more than 6mm of lift), the screws included may be too short. 

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