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BiSaddle ShapeShifter EXT BikeFit Edition CRO-MO
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Every body is different. Off-the-rack bike seats fit just a handful of people. For the rest of us, we've had to compromise. Riding an off-the-rack saddle is like wearing shoes that are too small or pants that are too tight. 



You can adjust the shape of BiSaddle to custom fit your body and riding style. And, if your riding style or body shape change, you can simply re-adjust for ultimate comfort.

BiSaddle Shapeshifter EXT Adjustable Saddle



✓ BiSaddle Shapeshifter is the world’s only adjustable shape saddle (PATENTED)
All components are replaceable making it the last saddle you'll ever need to buy
Adjust width, angle, and profile to fit your unique body shape, riding position, and riding style
✓ The perfect BiSaddle shape eliminates pain, numbness, discomfort and genital injury


✓ Adjustable Sit Bone width 100-165mm
✓ Adjustable Saddle Width 130mm-180mm

✓ Saddle weight: 340g +/- 3%

✓ UCI compliant race length (243mm long)

✓ Ultra sleek color combination complete with incredibly attractive BiSaddle and BikeFit Logo

✓ Takes pressure off your unmentionables or nether region
✓ Helps you ride faster and further without fatigue or pain
✓ FLEX FRAME - Provides a move forgiving ride but reducing road noise, vibration and allowing the  body to move naturally with saddle pressure for increase comfort.

Weight Limits:

  • Chrome-Moly Frame: 280 lbs.
  • Titanium Frame: 240 - 250 lbs.                                         
  • Carbon Fiber Frame: 210 - 220 lbs.
Note: MAX bolt torque is 25inch/lb or 2.8Nm

How it works:

  • The saddle consists of two individually adjustable surfaces that have two points of adjustment each (front and back, meaning there’s LOTS of adjustability)
  • These surfaces are contoured to fit the curvature of the bottom bones of your pelvic girdle (Ischiopubic rami and Ischial Tuberosities to be exact.)
  • These surfaces are mounted on a frame that allows the surfaces to be positioned to allow for both separation and angular variations.
  • This design addresses erectile dysfunction in men by allowing for up to 3/4 inch of separation of the surfaces in the front, which is where the dorsal artery passes under the pubic symphasis (bottom of the V) and into the genitals.
  • By only supporting riders on the bones at the bottom of the pelvic girdle, it also eliminates pressure on the perineum.

bisaddle shapshifter EXT Shapes
change the shape and width to suit you:
  • Included with the saddle are a flattening wedge and a rounding wedge
  • Test out and find the best shape for your individual needs

BiSaddle Shapeshifter EXT shaping wedges

Customer review:

"I have been riding the Bi-saddle for 8 months.  I have the cr-mo rail saddle.  I am able to ride daily.  My background is a 7 time age group Tri All American.  This saddle was a game saver!  Why?  Because i was just about to give up cycling due to saddle discomfort related to an enlarged prostrate."
-Duane M.

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