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Bike Fit Cleat Wedges

(box of 8 Cleat Wedges - includes screws, allen key wrench & installation instructions)

Available for:

Installation Instructions (PDF)*

MSRP $24.95

Bike Fit Cleat Wedges for 2-hole cleatsBike Fit Cleat Wedges for 3-hole cleatsBike Fit Cleat Wedges for 4-hole cleats

BikeFit VV1 MTB Cleats

(box of one pair of VV1 MTB Cleats)

The new way to ride the trail.

Mountain biking places high demands on our bodies and equipment. At BikeFit, we listened to our customers and developed a new cleat to meet these demands and rugged conditions.

The new VV1 Cleat -- providing all the stability and support of our traditional Cleat Wedges, but one degree of tilt built directly into an SPD-compatible MTB cleat.

Greater performance... Better ride.

Spec Sheet (PDF)*

Installation Instructions (PDF)*

MSRP $34.95

BikeFit VV1 MTB Cleats

In-The-Shoe Wedges

(pack of 4 In-The-Shoe Wedges)

The "Original" In-The-Shoe Wedge - designed by Paul Swift. One ITS Wedge gives a true 1.5 degrees of varus tilt, and is symmetrical, unlike the competition. They provide the same slope and angle if you use the wedge in the right or left shoe.

A great, quick, alternative when Cleat Wedges may not work with your cleat system, e.g. with Crank Brothers cleats, where connection is limited by size and there is a potential for "rougher" riding, off-road. Fills in volume if your shoes are loose fitting; not recommended if your shoes are already tight, or snug fitting.

Work great with insoles like Superfeet!

Made in America, and available in four sizes:

In-The-Shoe Wedge Sizing Chart

ITS Wedge USA Men's
Shoe Size
USA Women's
Shoe Size
Shoe size
Follow this link to order Size 6 - 7 5½ - 7 7 - 8½ 37½ - 40
Follow this link to order Size 8 - 9 7½ - 9 9 - 10½ 40 - 43
Follow this link to order Size 10 - 11 9½ - 11 11 - 12½ 43 - 45
Follow this link to order Size 12 - 13 11½ - 13 13 - 14½ 45 - 47

Installation Instructions (PDF)*

MSRP $19.95

In-The-Shoe Wedge

Leg Length Shims

(one LL Shim - includes screws)

These are Aussie Steve Hogg's Leg Length Shims (LL Shims), used to compensate for leg length discrepancies. They are made of high-density plastic to conform to the curve of the sole of the shoe, and are 3 mm thick. Multiple LL Shims may be used together except for the 2-hole MTB LL shim. One MTB LL Shim is the maximum recommended per shoe.

Available for:

More details (PDF)*

MSRP $17.95

LL Shim for Keo cleats LL Shim for 3-hole cleats LL Shim for 4-hole cleats LL Shim for 2-hole cleats

20mm Pedal Spacers

Improve pedal alignment

For knees that track outside the pedal. 20mm Pedal Spacers add length to the pedal axle. Designed to move the foot out and away from the crank arm to provide more foot clearance. These add to stance width for cyclists needing help with knees-out, excessive toes-out, extra wide feet, wide hips, or for those with discomfort on the outside of the knee. Sold as a pair.

More details (PDF)*

MSRP $34.95

20mm Pedal Spacer

Screw Kit

Provides screws for:

  • 2-hole cleats (SPD, Wellgo and the like),
  • 3-hole cleats (LOOK-KEO/SHIMANO SL/CAMPY and similar), and
  • 4-hole cleats (SPEEDPLAY Road) cleats.

Now includes Screw Pick - $8.95 value

More details (PDF)*

MSRP $74.95

Screw Kit

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