SwitchIt® Rapid Saddle Changer/Adjuster

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SwitchIt® Rapid Saddle Changer/Adjuster

SwitchIt Rapid Saddle Changer/Tilt Adjuster

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SwitchIt™ enables a bike fitter or customer to change and adjust the tilt on saddles/seats in a few seconds enabling the rider to find the perfect fitting saddle.  The patented, USA-made SwitchIt can be mounted to a variety of seat posts because it has variable-width rails while also accommodating a variety of indoor bikes (such as the CycleOps 400 Pro).


A Satisfied Customer

"Yesterday I shopped at Bikesport for a new bike seat.  The salesperson, Cameron, did an excellent job.  She took the time to show me several seats and placed them on a bike for me to sit on.  When I was close to a decision I asked to go back and forth between a couple of seats several times.  What made this so easy was that Bikesport had SwitchIt.  What we did in a few minutes would have taken much longer, been a pain for Cameron and would likely have resulted in me making a decision that I would not have been comfortable with."
-Ron Van Pool

Note: The saddle(s) pictured in picture and video are not included.


Price: $865.00
Retail Price: $865.00 


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